title             lindapic
Linda Newman Boughton
Painting Exhibition June 27 through July 26 2009
James Gray Gallery   Bergamot Station. Santa Monica. CA


artist statement


Linda Newman Boughton’s vividly colorful paintings are at once both portraits of people in evolution and also life affirming celebrations of continuous growth. The paintings are beautiful depictions of everyday people, capturing penetrating views of each person’s delicate unguarded soul. Superimposed across the bottom of each painting in white script, is an affirmation. As each person comes to life on the canvas the artist receives the intuitive message of what that affirmation will be. These written words across the canvas spark a deep resonance with the viewer.

These exciting, provocative modern works attract those who see them first with their beautiful painterly quality and then with the depth of their spiritual message.

The Artist’s intention is for these works to be enjoyed on multiple levels: as Fine art images visually gracing our daily lives and uplifting works that also serve as continuous sources of rumination, supporting positive self awareness and healing every day.


Linda Newman Boughton

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