My portraits are painted from photograph's that I take of the subject. The portrait sitting for the photographs usually lasts between 1/2 hour and an hour. I light and photograph the subject either in my studio or for the convenience of the sitter, at the location of their choosing.

I then spend a lot of time going over the photographs, usually there are over 100 taken, carefully choosing the image I believe best conveys the sitter's inner beauty as well as the outer. I then design the entire canvas- background colors and shapes - if any, and make an artists image on my computer to work by.

The time period from photo shoot to delivery of the portrait is usually a couple of months or more depending on my schedule.

A fee of 1/2 the total amount due is paid at the time of the photo shoot and the rest is paid upon completion. The painting is then delivered and shipping costs are covered by the client and paid as a separate bill.

Travel and lodging are also paid for by the client.

A disc of the photograph's taken is also given to the client with delivery of the painting. Sometimes there are beautiful photographs of the sitter that I believe do not translate well to paintings, but are lovely photographs, so it is nice to have those as well for your enjoyment.


The scale of my paintings is large. It gives a power to the image and a contemporary look that is very chic and beautiful.

60" x 48" oil on canvas $15,000

36" x 36" oil on canvas $9,000
(great scale for child portraits and pets)

Pricing varies for larger sizes and multiple figures. Pet portraits and different sized paintings prices are variable.

Paintings on my web site that are available have varied prices, so feel free to inquire about any you are interested in.